Todo.txt – Manages Your Todo Duties from Linux Terminal


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Todo.txt (todo.txt-cli) is a simple and extensible shell script for managing your todo.txt file. It lets you add todos, checklist added todos, mark an entry as performed, appends textual content to present traces, and take away duplicate traces from todo.txt all from the Linux command line.

It additionally helps archiving (strikes all performed duties from todo.txt to performed.txt and removes clean traces), de-prioritizing (removes the precedence) from the duty(s) and a lot extra.

Todo.txt-cli is a part of the todo.txt apps that are minimal, open supply and cross-platform, todo.txt-focused editors which help you handle your duties with a couple of keystrokes and faucets attainable. Todo.txt CLI and Todo.txt Contact are constructed for CLI, iOS, and Android.

 Todo.txt CLI Demo Todo.txt CLI Demo

Todo.txt CLI Demo

The way to Set up Todo.txt CLI in Linux

To put in todo.txt-cli, first it is advisable to clone the git repository in your system utilizing following git command.

$ cd ~/bin
$ git clone
$ cd todo.txt-cli/

Then run the next instructions to construct and set up todo.txt-cli.

$ make
$ sudo make set up

Be aware: The Makefile makes a number of default paths for put in information. You should use the next variables to make changes in your system:

INSTALL_DIR: PATH for executables (default /usr/native/bin).
CONFIG_DIR: PATH for todo.txt config.
BASH_COMPLETION: PATH for auto-completion scripts (default to /and so on/bash_completion.d).

For instance:

$ make set up CONFIG_DIR=$HOME/.todo INSTALL_DIR=$HOME/bin BASH_COMPLETION_DIR=/usr/share/bash-completion/completions

Install Todo.txt CLI in LinuxInstall Todo.txt CLI in Linux

Set up Todo.txt CLI in Linux

The way to Use Todo.txt CLI in Linux

So as to add a todo job to your todo.txt file, run the next instructions.

$ sudo add “setup new linode server”
$ sudo add “talk about website with Ravi”

Add Todo Tasks in Linux TerminalAdd Todo Tasks in Linux Terminal

Add Todo Duties in Linux Terminal

To checklist added todo duties, use the next command.

$ ls

List Todo Tasks in Linux TerminalList Todo Tasks in Linux Terminal

Listing Todo Duties in Linux Terminal

You possibly can marks job as performed in todo.txt utilizing following command.

$ sudo do 1

Mark Todo Task as DoneMark Todo Task as Done

Mark Todo Job as Finished

You may as well delete a todo merchandise, for instance.

$ sudo del 1

Delete a Todo Task in LinuxDelete a Todo Task in Linux

Delete a Todo Job in Linux

For extra utilization and command choices, run the next command.

$ -h

Todo.txt Homepage:

That’s all! Todo.txt is an easy shell script for creating and managing all of your duties from the Linux terminal. Share your ideas about it or ask any questions through the suggestions type beneath.

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