The best way to set up and configure memcached on Ubuntu Linux 18.04


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I want to scale back the load on my MariaDB/MySQL/PostgreSQL server utilizing memcached. How do I set up and configure memcached server on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS?

Introduction : Memcached is a high-performance, distributed reminiscence object caching server. It’s free and open supply software program meant to be used in dashing up dynamic internet purposes by mitigating database load. This web page reveals how one can set up, configure, confirm memcached set up on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS.

The best way to set up and configure memcached on Ubuntu 18.04

The process to put in and configure memcached on Ubuntu is as follows:

Replace your Ubuntu primarily based system utilizing the apt commandInstall memcached on Ubuntu by operating sudo apt set up

Step 1 – Replace your Ubuntu server

Sort the next apt command or apt-get command to improve system to newest software program:
$ sudo apt replace
$ sudo apt improve
Update Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS server package indexReplace Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS server bundle index and set up updates if any

Step 2 – Set up memcached server on Ubuntu

Once more run apt command as follows:
$ sudo apt set up memcached
Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS install and configure memcachedPutting in memcached server from the official Ubuntu repos

Step three – Configure memcached server on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS

Subsequent you’ll want to edit config file named /and so forth/memcached.conf utilizing a textual content editor equivalent to nano command or vim command:
$ sudo nano /and so forth/memcached.conf
$ sudo vi /and so forth/memcached.conf
Begin with a cap of 256 MB of reminiscence:
-m 256
Default connection port for memcached is 11211:
-p 11211
Specify which IP tackle to hear on. The default is to hear on all IP addresses. This parameter is without doubt one of the solely safety measures that memcached has, so be sure that
it’s listening on a firewalled interface. In my instance, I’m going to hear on and servers non-public IP tackle :
Restrict the variety of simultaneous incoming connections. The daemon default is 1024 however I’m going to extend to 4096:
-c 4096
Save and shut the file when utilizing vim textual content editor by typing ESC + :x.

The best way to restart, cease, reload memcached server on Ubuntu 18.04

One can use the systemctl command as follows:
$ sudo systemctl cease memcached
$ sudo systemctl begin memcached
$ sudo systemctl restart memcached
$ sudo systemctl standing memcached
How to start, stop, restart memached on Ubuntu LinuxCommand to start out, cease, restart memached on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS

The best way to open memcached port 11211 utilizing ufw

Allow us to say you’ve lxd primarily based containers operating on Ubuntu and utilizing sub-net vary. I’m going to restrict IP entry with the ufw primarily based firewall on Ubuntu as follows:
sudo ufw enable from container_ip1 to any port 11211
sudo ufw enable from vm2_ip2 to any port 11211
sudo ufw enable from sub/internet to any port 11211
sudo ufw enable from to any port 11211
sudo ufw enable from 10.147.164.three to port 11211 proto tcp
sudo ufw enable from to any port 11211

The best way to confirm that memcached is operating

Use the ss command or netstat command to confirm that TCP port # 11211 open and itemizing:
$ sudo ss -tulpn | grep :11211
$ sudo netstat -tulpn | grep :11211
Verify memcached works before using it from Ubuntu

The best way to set up CLI device for speaking to memcached by way of libmemcached

Allow us to set up libmemcached-tools for administration of memcached server and testing goal:
$ sudo apt set up libmemcached-tools
Ubuntu commandline tools for talking to memcached via libmemcached
Confirm memcached server connectivity:
$ memcstat –
Dumps the state of memcached serversDumps the state of memcached servers with the assistance of memstat command

The best way to entry memcached from PHP/Perl/Python/Ruby lang

Set up bundle as per your wants:

ruby-dalli – Ruby clientphp-memcached – PHP modulepython-memcache – Python clientpython3-pymemcache – Python three.x clientlibcache-memcached-libmemcached-perl – Perl for Memcached::libmemcached


This web page confirmed how one can set up, configure, confirm memcached server on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS. For more information see the official memached challenge web page right here. Alternately, you possibly can set up memcached extensions for WordPress to enhance efficiency.

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