The 7 Most Fashionable Programming Languages on GitHub in 2019


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GitHub is the preferred platform for code administration and sharing. It’s the residence to software program code labored on by a complete of greater than 31 million customers from all around the world working in as many as 337 programming languages. Taking a look at how a lot GitHub has grown over time, I can boldly say that GitHub is right here for the lengthy haul.

Sure, Microsoft bought it for 7.5 billion in 2018 however that doesn’t appear to matter regardless of the tales of many builders abandoning the platform after the acquisition.

How do I do know this? Complimentary of GitHub Octoberfest, let’s take a look at some statistics:

GitHub presently has 31 million+ customers and is celebrating extra new customers in 2018 alone that the primary 6 years of the platform’s launching mixed!
GitHub had 40% extra organizations in 2018 than 2017 which brings it to an approximate worth of 2.1 million+ organizations.
GitHub additionally has 40% extra repositories created in 2018 than 2017 which makes a complete of 96 million+ repositories.
GitHub boasts a complete of 200 million+ pull requests with over a 3rd of them created in 2018!

Evidently, GitHub has change into extra used than it ever was and these statistics solidify my perception that the platform may by no means be second to some other platform in my lifetime. Given its humongous consumer base, GitHub is a perfect spot for seeing which pc languages are used essentially the most with respect to their venture rely.


This isn’t a technical article on the inside workings of programming languages, their deserves/demerits, or historical past. Somewhat, it’s a checklist of the preferred languages on GitHub with concise backgrounds.

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is a high-level, interpreted programming language initially designed for creating interactive results in browsers. At first, it was used for majorly front-end packages however it has since change into a developer-favorite seeing because it has given rise to an nearly never-ending checklist of frameworks, libraries, and software program options with massive titles like Electron, node.js, AngularJS, to say just a few.

JavaScript which began as a client-side language is now used to construct each front-end and back-end packages in addition to video games and has now confirmed itself to be a swift, versatile, and extensible programming language. Should you ask me, JS will stay #1 for some time. Ps. JavaScript is just not affiliated with Java in any means.

2. Java

Java is a compiled, general-purpose, high-level programming language with a give attention to Object Oriented Programming. It’s the language driving no less than 15 billion units with over 10 million builders worldwide.

Created by Solar Microsystems with code reliability and constructing platform-independent software program options in thoughts, Java is now owned and maintained by Oracle and it’s just about unimaginable to make any checklist of programming languages with out it.

Java is used for growing Android apps, databases, desktop functions, and many others. and just about holds the file of the #1 go-to language for enterprise techniques and improvement within the cloud.

Its fashionable slogan is “compile as soon as, run wherever” and that is with because of its Digital Machine which permits builders to run Java apps on any Working System with the Java Digital Machine put in.

three. Python

Python is an interpreted, general-purpose, high-level, open supply programming language used to develop options in fields starting from software program improvement to Biomedical analysis. A few of its greatest options embrace in depth help for modules, straightforward integration with net companies, and a GUI-based utility for desktops.

Python is used to develop quite a few video games e.g. Civilization IV, Toontown, and many others., software program for creatives e.g. Blender, Autodesk, Inkscape, and many others., and scientific analysis work particularly in deep studying functions, statistical evaluation, and robotics, to call just a few.

four. PHP

PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor and it’s a general-purpose, high-level, server-side scripting programming language created for net improvement. It options built-in capabilities for net companies, the flawless embedding of server-side code into HTML, and a loosely typed syntax.

PHP has been ridiculed for just a few issues over time together with the range in code high quality between PHP builders and its safety. The great factor, nevertheless, is that PHP builders supply quite a lot of frameworks (quite a lot of that are free and open supply) which assist customers to deal with troublesome points that they’d have in any other case confronted down the event lane in addition to quicken the event course of by sensible bootstrapping.

5. C++

C++ is a high-level basic function programming language that was created as an extension of the C programming language. Accurately dubbed “C with Courses“, C++ combines the options of C akin to low-level reminiscence manipulation with new options akin to Inheritance to supply customers highly effective programming capacity and adaptability. It’s the core language in video video games, net browsers, and too many Working Programs to rely.

A few of C++’s greatest options embrace giving customers extra management of system hardware than different high-level programming languages. And whereas Java is “compile as soon as and run wherever”, C++ is “write as soon as and compile wherever” which implies which you could write your code and simply compile it for various techniques since its cross-platform compatibility is achieved on the supply code degree, relatively than on the compiled binary code degree.

6. C#

C# (pronounced C sharp) is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language that permits customers to work with generic, lexically scoped, declarative, crucial, object-oriented and component-oriented programming disciplines. Like Java, it’s strongly typed, works nicely with databases, and options help for net companies.

C# is commonly thought of as Microsoft’s model of Java with extra improvement instruments and has since change into essentially the most highly effective programming languages within the .NET framework. It is advisable compile your C# code after making even the smallest of adjustments however the awesomeness of Visible Studio IDE makes up for that disadvantage.

7. TypeScript

TypeScript is an open-source programming language created and maintained by Microsoft as a strict syntactical superset of JavaScript for growing giant functions. It options elective static typing and trans-compiles to JavaScript – which means that it may be utilized in JS tasks as is with out the necessity to change syntax, import sources, and many others.

TypeScript has a big group backing with an in depth atmosphere for improvement, a compiler applied in TypeScript which can be utilized in any JS host, and a improvement expertise much like that of C#. Ps. Its supply code is hosted on GitHub.

Whereas all of the above-mentioned programming languages share options like objects, arrays, built-in sorts, capabilities, strings, and operators, they’re applied in distinctive methods they usually have options which are distinctive to them.

The options distinctive the computing languages contribute to the explanation why you need to select one over the opposite relying on the venture sort you’re engaged on – however how would you already know in case you don’t select a venture and begin constructing one thing?

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