How you can Add or Take away a Consumer from a Group in Linux


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Linux is by default a multi-user system (which means many customers can connect with it concurrently and work), thus consumer administration is among the elementary duties of a system administrator. Consumer administration consists of all the pieces from creating, updating, and deleting consumer accounts or consumer teams on a Linux system.

On this brief fast article, you’ll learn to add or take away a consumer from a gaggle in a Linux system.

Verify a Consumer Group in Linux

To test a consumer group, simply run the next teams command and supply the username (tecmint on this instance) as an argument.

# teams tecmint

tecmint : tecmint wheel

To test your individual teams, simply run the teams command with none argument.

# group


Check a User Group in LinuxVerify a Consumer Group in Linux

Add a Consumer to a Group in Linux

Earlier than making an attempt so as to add a consumer to a group, be sure that the consumer exists on the system. So as to add a consumer to a sure group, use the usermod command with the -a flag which tells the usermod so as to add a consumer to the supplementary group(s), and the -G possibility specifies the precise teams within the following format.

On this instance, tecmint is the username and postgres is the group title:

# usermod -aG postgres tecmint
# teams tecmint

Add User to Group in LinuxAdd Consumer to Group in Linux

Take away a Consumer from a Group in Linux

To take away a consumer from a gaggle, use the gpasswd command with the -d possibility as follows.

# gpasswd -d tecmint postgres
# teams tecmint

Remove User from Group in LinuxTake away Consumer from Group in Linux

Moreover, on Ubuntu and it’s spinoff, you’ll be able to take away a consumer from a particular group utilizing the deluser command as follows (the place tecmint is the username and postgres is the group title).

$ sudo deluser tecmint postgres

For extra info, see the person pages for every of the completely different instructions now we have used on this article.

Additionally, you will discover the next consumer administration guides very helpful:

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