How To Simply Add Textual content Snippets To Pastebin-like Providers From Commandline


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Every time there’s have to share the code snippets on-line, the primary one in all probability involves our thoughts is, the web textual content sharing website launched by Paul Dixon in 2002. Now, there are a number of various textual content sharing providers obtainable to add and share textual content snippets, error logs, config recordsdata, a command’s output or any form of textual content recordsdata. When you occur to share your code usually utilizing varied Pastebin-like providers, I do have a excellent news for you. Say good day to Wgetpaste, a command line BASH utility to simply add textual content snippets to pastebin-like providers. Utilizing Wgetpaste script, anybody can rapidly share textual content snippets to their mates, colleagues, or whoever desires to see/use/evaluation the code from command line in Unix-like programs.

Putting in Wgetpaste

Wgetpaste is out there in Arch Linux [Community] repository. To put in it on Arch Linux and its variants like Antergos and Manjaro Linux, simply run the next command:

$ sudo pacman -S wgetpaste

For different distributions, seize the supply code from Wgetpaste web site and set up it manually as described beneath.

First obtain the most recent Wgetpaste tar file:

$ wget

Extract it:

$ tar -xvjf wgetpaste-2.28.tar.bz2

It would extract the contents of the tar file in a folder named “wgetpaste-2.28”.

Go to that listing:

$ cd wgetpaste-2.28/

Copy the wgetpaste binary to your $PATH, for instance /usr/native/bin/.

$ sudo cp wgetpaste /usr/native/bin/

Lastly, make it executable utilizing command:

$ sudo chmod +x /usr/native/bin/wgetpaste

Add Textual content Snippets To Pastebin-like Providers

Importing textual content snippets utilizing Wgetpaste is trivial. Let me present you a number of examples.

1. Add textual content recordsdata

To add any textual content file utilizing Wgetpaste, simply run:

$ wgetpaste mytext.txt

This command will add the contents of mytext.txt file.

Pattern output:

Your paste may be seen right here:
wgetpaste 1

Add textual content snippets to pastebin providers

You’ll be able to share the pastebin URL by way of any medium like mail, message, whatsapp or IRC and so on. Whoever has this URL can go to it and examine the contents of the textual content file in an online browser of their alternative.

Right here is the contents of mytext.txt file in internet browser:

wgetpaste 2

Viewing pastebin contents by way of browser

You may as well use ‘tee’ command to show what’s being pasted, as a substitute of importing them blindly.

To take action, use -t choice like beneath.

$ wgetpaste -t mytext.txt

2. Add textual content snippets to totally different providers

By default, Wgetpaste will add the textual content snippets to poundpython ( service.

To view the checklist of supported providers, run:

$ wgetpaste -S

Pattern output:

Providers supported: (case delicate):
Title: | Url:
bpaste | https://bpaste.web/
codepad |
dpaste |
gists |
*poundpython |

Right here, * signifies the default service.

As you possibly can see, Wgetpaste at present helps 5 textual content sharing providers. I didn’t attempt all of them, however I imagine all providers will work.

To add the contents to different providers, for instance bpaste.web, use -s choice like beneath.

$ wgetpaste -s bpaste mytext.txt
Your paste may be seen right here: https://bpaste.web/present/5199e127e733

three. Learn enter from stdin

Wgetpaste may also learn the enter from stdin.

$ uname -a | wgetpaste

This command will add the output of ‘uname -a’ command.

four. Add the COMMAND and the output of COMMAND collectively

Typically, it’s possible you’ll want to stick a COMMAND and its output. To take action, specify the contents of the command inside quotes like beneath.

$ wgetpaste -c ‘ls -l’

It will add the command ‘ls -l’ together with its output to the pastebin service.

This may be helpful if you needed to let others to obviously know what was the precise command you simply ran and its output.

As you possibly can see within the output, I ran ‘ls -l’ command.

5. Add system log recordsdata, config recordsdata

Like I already stated, we will add any form of textual content recordsdata, not simply an extraordinary textual content file, in your system reminiscent of log recordsdata, a particular command’s output and so on. Say for instance, you simply up to date your Arch Linux field and ended up with a damaged system. You ask your colleague learn how to repair it and s/he desires to learn the pacman.log file. Right here is the command to add the contents of the pacman.log file:

$ wgetpaste /var/log/pacman.log

Share the pastebin URL together with your Colleague, so s/he’ll evaluation the pacman.log and should assist you to repair the issue by reviewing the log file.

Normally, the contents of log recordsdata is perhaps too lengthy and also you don’t wish to share all of them. In such instances, simply use cat command to learn the output and use tail command with the -n swap to outline the variety of strains to share and eventually pipe the output to Wgetpaste as proven beneath.

$ cat /var/log/pacman.log | tail -n 50 | wgetpaste

The above command will add solely the final 50 strains of pacman.log file.

6. Convert enter url to tinyurl

By default, Wgetpaste will show the total pastebin URL within the output. If you wish to convert the enter URL to a tinyurl, simply use -u choice.

$ wgetpaste -u mytext.txt
Your paste may be seen right here:

7. Set language

By default, Wgetpaste will add textual content snippets in plain textual content.

To checklist languages supported by the required service, use -L choice.

$ wgetpaste -L

This command will checklist all languages supported by default service i.e poundpython (

We are able to change this utilizing -l choice.

$ wgetpaste -l Bash mytext.txt

eight. Disable syntax highlighting or html within the output

As I discussed above, the textual content snippets might be displayed in a particular language format (plaintext, Bash and so on.).

You’ll be able to, nonetheless, change this behaviour to show the uncooked textual content snippets utilizing -r choice.

$ wgetpaste -r mytext.txt
Your uncooked paste may be seen right here:

Add and show uncooked output

As you possibly can see within the above output, there isn’t any syntax highlighting, no html formatting. Only a uncooked output.

9. Change Wgetpaste defaults

may be modified globally in /and so on/wgetpaste.conf or per consumer in ~/.wgetpaste.conf recordsdata. These recordsdata, nonetheless, are usually not obtainable by default in my system. I assume we have to manually create them. The developer has given the pattern contents for each recordsdata right here and right here. Simply create these recordsdata manually with given pattern contents and modify the parameters accordingly to vary Wgetpaste defaults.

10. Getting assist

To show the assistance part, run:

$ wgetpaste -h

And, that’s all for now. Hope this was helpful. We are going to publish extra helpful content material within the days to come back. Keep tuned!

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