How To Discover Vagrant Machine IP Tackle From Host


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Typically, we will discover the IP handle of a Linux machine utilizing ip command or ifconfig command within the older Linux distributions. It does not matter whether or not it’s a bodily or a digital machine. If we now have entry to the system, we might simply view its IP handle with ip or ifconfig instructions. How do you discover a Vagrant machine IP handle, with out logging into it?

One method to discover the IP handle of a Vagrant field is to first log in to the Vagrant machine through ssh utilizing command:

$ vagrant ssh

After which run use ip or ifconfig or hostname instructions:

$ ip a


$ ifconfig


$ hostname -I

That is the same old method to discover the IP handle of a Vagrant machine.

Nevertheless, it isn’t essential although. We will really acquire the native community IP handle for a VM working on Vagrant, with out even having to ssh into it.

Discover Vagrant machine IP handle

First, it is advisable to discover the ID of the working Vagrant digital machine utilizing command:

$ vagrant global-status

Pattern output:

id title supplier state listing
f4904ad default libvirt shutoff /house/sk/Vagrant/Archlinux
831f9c0 default libvirt shutoff /house/sk/Vagrant/Gentoo
3587422 default libvirt shutoff /house/sk/Vagrant/Rhel8
b2279ad default libvirt working /house/sk/Vagrant/Almalinux8

The above exhibits details about all recognized Vagrant environments
on this machine. This information is cached and will not be utterly
up-to-date (use “vagrant global-status –prune” to prune invalid
entries). To work together with any of the machines, you’ll be able to go to that
listing and run Vagrant, or you should use the ID straight with
Vagrant instructions from any listing. For instance:
“vagrant destroy 1a2b3c4d”

As you see within the above output, AlmaLinux vagrant field is at the moment working and its ID is b2279ad.

To seek out this Vagrant machine’s IP handle, merely run:

$ vagrant ssh-config b2279ad

Pattern output:

Host default
Person vagrant
Port 22
UserKnownHostsFile /dev/null
StrictHostKeyChecking no
PasswordAuthentication no
IdentityFile /house/sk/Vagrant/Almalinux8/.vagrant/machines/default/libvirt/private_key
IdentitiesOnly sure
LogLevel FATAL

Find Vagrant Machine IP Address

Discover Vagrant Machine IP Tackle

As you’ll be able to see within the above output, the IP handle of AlmaLinux 8 machine working on Vagrant is

Equally, you could find the opposite working Vagrant containers’ IP handle as effectively.

For extra particulars about Vagrant command utilization, refer the next information:

Bonus tip

I got here throughout a dialogue in Stack overflow. There are various options given to seek out the IP handle of Vagrant field in that thread.

One of many simplest way is to go to the Vagrant machine’s mission listing and run the next command:

$ vagrant ssh -c “hostname -I | lower -d’ ‘ -f2” 2>/dev/null

Hope this helps.

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