How to Delete a Gmail Account on PC and Android


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If you do not want any emails on your existing Gmail account or if you have created a new email address and would no longer need the previous one, you can choose to delete your Google Gmail Account.

Please note that deleting a Gmail account will not delete your Google Account. Google considers Gmail as one of the services it provides you, so you still will have access to your other Google services and also your purchases in the Google Play store. So, thanks to Google, that you can enjoy its other services even without the Google Gmail account!

Deleting a Gmail account is an easy task and this article will give you a step by step guide to delete a Gmail account on PC and Android. Read on!

Using PC to Delete a Gmail Account

You can use any web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) to login to your Gmail account. Go to on your browser. If you are already logged in, the Gmail account will open, otherwise, you will be asked to enter your email id and password to log in.

Once you have logged in, you will be able to see your mailbox. On the top right corner of the screen, you will see your profile picture and on the left side, you will see an icon like highlighted below:

Google Apps IconGoogle Apps Icon

Google Apps Icon

Click on it and you get the list of all the services that Google offers. Here click on “Account”.

Google AccountGoogle Account

Google Account

You can also directly choose to go to and the account page will open up. On the left panel, you get an option “Data and Personalization”. Click on it.

Gmail Data PersonalisationGmail Data Personalisation

Gmail Data Personalisation

The page opens and appears like below.

Gmail Account PreferencesGmail Account Preferences

Gmail Account Preferences

Scroll down to “Download, delete or make a plan for your data” section. The section gives you the option of both deleting the Gmail account and also an option to back up your data.

Downlad Gmail Account DataDownlad Gmail Account Data

Downlad Gmail Account Data

If you do not want to delete all your emails and want to keep them, you can first click on “Download Your Data”.

Download Gmail DataDownload Gmail Data

Download Gmail Data

This takes you to a page where you get an option to back up all the data related to your Google Account. You can select “Deselect All” as here you only need to create a backup for your Gmail account.

Deselect AllDeselect All

Deselect All

Scroll down and come to “Mail”. Check the checkbox and click on “Next Step”.

Check MailCheck Mail

Check Mail

You can choose the format in which you want to archive the emails and then click “Create Archive”.

Download Your Gmail DataDownload Your Gmail Data

Download Your Gmail Data

In case you do not want to back-up, you can directly choose “Delete a service or your account”.

Delete Gmail AccountDelete Gmail Account

Delete Gmail Account

You get directed to a new page. Here click on “Delete a Service”.

Delete Gmail ServiceDelete Gmail Service

Delete Gmail Service

Next, you will be prompted to enter your password. Then, you will be directed to the next page where you see all the Google services you are availing. To delete a Gmail account, click on the dustbin icon as highlighted in the below picture.

Delete Google Gmail ServiceDelete Google Gmail Service

Delete Google Gmail Service

A new page opens up. The pop-up asks you to enter an alternate email so that you can continue using all the other Google services. Enter an email account from any other service provider other than Google which is active and accessible. Then click on “Send Verification Email”.

Gmail Sign-inGmail Sign-in

Gmail Sign-in

Now go to the mailbox of the alternate email you entered. You will receive a mail from Google with a Subject line “Gmail Deletion Confirmation”. Open the email and scroll down. You will find a link which you would need to click on to confirm deletion of your Gmail account.

Permanently Delete Gmail AccountPermanently Delete Gmail Account

Permanently Delete Gmail Account

Next, you will be directed to the page as shown below. Click on the Check box and then click on “Delete Gmail” and the Gmail account will get deleted.

Confirm Gmail DeletionConfirm Gmail Deletion

Confirm Gmail Deletion

Using Android Phone to Delete a Gmail Account

Go to the Settings on your phone. Generally, when you swipe down on the screen of your android phone, you get a small gear icon which directs you to the settings page and scroll down and select “Google”.

Google Preferences on AndroidGoogle Preferences on Android

Google Preferences on Android

The below screen appears. Click on “Google Account”.

Google AccountGoogle Account

Google Account

Your default Gmail account will open. Click on the dropdown to see all the Gmail accounts that you have. Select the Gmail account you want to delete.

Choose Gmail AccountChoose Gmail Account

Choose Gmail Account

Account details of that particular Gmail account will open. Next click on “Data and Personalization” and scroll down and click on “Delete a Service or Your Account”.

Delete Gmail Account on AndroidDelete Gmail Account on Android

Delete Gmail Account on Android

Now again click on “Delete a Service”. A new page opens up asking for your password and click on “Next”.

Delete Gmail Service on AndroidDelete Gmail Service on Android

Delete Gmail Service on Android

Now all the steps are same as the steps mentioned above for deleting a Gmail account on your PC after you entered the password. Follow the same and you will be able to delete the Gmail account on your android phone.

Hope these steps make your work easy and helps you to delete your Gmail account irrespective of whether you use your PC or your Android Smartphone. We look for your feedback and suggestions.

If you think we have missed out on something, please feel free to send us your comments and feedback by filling out the form below.

For any tips or ideas, you may have, please don’t forget to comment below so that all of us can benefit from it. Thank You!

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