How one can set up htop on Alpine Linux utilizing apk


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I am a brand new person of Alpine Linux. How do I set up htop on Alpine Linux utilizing the apk command?

Introduction – htop is nothing however Interactive course of viewer for Alpine Linux. It is rather like default high command with a further set of choices and higher show on the display screen. This web page reveals how you can set up htop on Alpine Linux.

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How one can set up htop on Alpine Linux utilizing apk

The process for putting in htop on Alpine Linux is as follows:

Open the terminal window.For distant Alpine Linux server login utilizing ssh command.Execute apk search htop command to seek for htop on AlpineRun apt add htop to put in htop in Alpine Linux

Allow us to see all steps and command in particulars.

Alpine Linux set up htop

Allow us to seek for htop package deal utilizing apk command:
apk search htop
Pattern outputs:


Get details about htop package deal

Run the next command:
apk data htop
Pattern outputs:

htop-2.2.Zero-r0 description:
Interactive course of viewer

htop-2.2.Zero-r0 webpage:

htop-2.2.Zero-r0 put in dimension:

Set up htop

Lastly, kind:
apk add htop
apk command install htop on Alpine LinuxPutting in htop on Alpine Linux utilizing apk

How one can use htop command

The syntax is:
htop [options]
Running htop on an Alpine Linux serverhtop in motion
One can use a monochrome coloration scheme, run:
htop -C
htop –no-color
Wish to see the tree view by default when operating htop? Attempt:
htop -t
htop –tree
Allow us to see solely processes of a given person named vivek:
htop -u vivek
htop –user=vivek
htop –user=nginx
Restrict and present course of for less than the given PIDs:
htop -p PID
htop -p PID1,PID2
htop -p 1342
htop -p 7435,1367

htop keyboard shortcut keys

The next instructions are supported whereas in htop:

CommandDescriptionUp arrow keyChoose (spotlight) the earlier course of within the course of record. Scroll the record if obligatory.Down arrow keyChoose (spotlight) the following course of within the course of record. Scroll the record if obligatory.Left arrow keyScroll the method record left.Proper arrow keyScroll the method record proper.PgUp, PgDnScroll the method record up or down one window.ResidenceScroll to the highest of the method record and choose the primary course of.FinishScroll to the underside of the method record and choose the final course of.sHint course of system calls: if strace(1) is put in, urgent this key will connect it to the presently chosen course of, presenting a dwell replace of system calls issued by the method.lShow open information for a course of: if lsof(1) is put in, urgent this key will show the record of file descriptors opened by the method.uPresent solely processes owned by a specified person.MType by reminiscence utilization (high compatibility key).PType by processor utilization (high compatibility key).TType by time (high compatibility key).F“Comply with” course of: if the kind order causes the presently chosen course of to maneuver within the record, make the choice bar comply with it. That is helpful for monitoring a course of: this fashion, you possibly can hold a course of all the time seen on display screen. When a motion secret is used, “comply with” loses impact.OkCover kernel threads: forestall the threads belonging the kernel to be displayed within the course of record. (This can be a toggle key.)HCover person threads: on programs that characterize them in another way than unusual processes (akin to latest NPTL-based programs), this will conceal threads from userspace processes within the course of record. (This can be a toggle key.)pPresent full paths to operating packages, the place relevant. (This can be a toggle key.)Ctrl-LRfresh the display screen.F1See this assist menu.hSimilar as above.?Once more, identical as above.F10Stop htopqExit htop (identical as above)

How one can get assist about htop

Merely kind:
htop –help
man htop


This web page confirmed you how you can set up and use htop on Alpine Linux. For extra data see htop house web page right here.

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