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A lot of the Linux customers are nicely aware of the discover command and the various instances it may be used. At the moment we’re going to overview a substitute for discover command, referred to as fd.

fd, is an easy, quick and user-friendly software meant to easily carry out quicker in comparison with discover. It isn’t meant to utterly exchange discover, however slightly offer you a straightforward to make use of various that performs barely quicker.

Among the notable options of fd:

Straightforward to make use of syntax – fd *sample* as a substitute of discover -iname *sample*.
Colourful output just like the one in all ls command.
Quick efficiency. Developer’s benchmarks can be found right here.
Sensible search with case-insensitive by default and switches to case delicate if patter containers an uppercase image.
Doesn’t look in hidden recordsdata and directories by default.
Doesn’t look into .gitignore by default.
Unicode consciousness.

How one can Set up fd in Linux

We’re going to have a look at the best way to set up fd in numerous Linux distributios.

For Ubuntu and Debian primarily based distros, you will have to obtain the most recent fd model from the discharge web page and set up it utilizing following instructions.

$ wget https://github.com/sharkdp/fd/releases/obtain/v7.three.zero/fd-musl_7.three.0_amd64.deb
$ sudo dpkg -i fd-musl_7.three.0_amd64.deb

On Different Linux distributions, you’ll be able to set up fd from the default repository utilizing package deal supervisor as proven.

# dnf set up fd-find [On Fedora]
# pacman -S fd [On Arch Linux]
# emerge -av fd [On Gentoo]
# zypper in fd [On OpenSuse]

How one can Use fd in Linux

Just like discover command, fd has many makes use of instances, however let’s begin at checking the obtainable choices:

# fd -h
# fd –help

fd Command Usagefd Command Usage

fd Command Utilization

Let’s take a look at few examples. You’ll be able to run fd with none arguments, the output is similar to ls -R command.

# fd

Within the subsequent fd examples, I’ll use a default WordPress set up positioned in /var/www/html/ to seek for totally different recordsdata and folders.

Within the instance beneath, I’ve taken solely the primary 10 outcomes for shorter output of the command.

# fd | head

fd Command Examplefd Command Example

fd Command Instance

Let’s say we need to discover all jpg recordsdata. We are able to use the “-e” flag to filter by file extension:

# fd -e jpg

fd - Find JPG Filesfd - Find JPG Files

fd – Discover JPG Information

The “-e” flag can be utilized together with a sample like this:

# fd -e php index

The above command will search for recordsdata with extension php and have the string “index” in them:

fd - Find String in Filesfd - Find String in Files

fd – Discover String in Information

If you wish to exclude some outcomes, you should use the “-E” flag like this:

# fd -e php index -E wp-content

This command will search for all recordsdata with php extension, containing the string “index” and can exclude outcomes from the “wp-content” listing.

fd - Exclude Files While Searching String in Filesfd - Exclude Files While Searching String in Files

fd – Exclude Information Whereas Looking String in Information

If you wish to specify a search listing, you merely want to offer it as argument:

# fd

fd - Find Files in Directoryfd - Find Files in Directory

fd – Discover Information in Listing

Simply as discover, you should use -x or –exec arguments to carry out parallel command execution with the search outcomes.

Right here is an instance the place we’ll use chmod to vary permissions of the picture recordsdata

# fd -e jpg -x chmod 644

The above will discover all recordsdata with extension jpg and can run chmod 644 .

Right here is a few helpful clarification and utilization of the brackets:

– A placeholder which will probably be modified with the trail of the search end result (wp-content/uploads/01.jpg).
. – just like , however with out utilizing the file extension (wp-content/uploads/01).
/: A placeholder that will probably be changed by the basename of the search end result (01.jpg).
: Guardian listing of the found path (wp-content/uploads).
: Solely the basename, with out the extension (01).


This was a short overview of the fd command, that some customers could discover simpler to make use of and quicker. As talked about earlier on this article fd will not be meant to utterly exchange discover, however slightly present a easy utilization, simpler search and higher efficiency. Fd doesn’t take a lot area and is a pleasant software to have in your arsenal.

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