Cowsay : Enjoyable in Linux terminal


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# yum set up cowsay

Loaded plugins: amazonid, rhuilb, searchdisabledrepos, safety

Setting up Set up Course of

epel/metalink                                                                                                                         |  12 kB     00:00

epel                                                                                                                                  | four.2 kB     00:00 [Errno 1] repomd.xml does not match metalink for epel

Making an attempt different mirror.

epel                                                                                                                                  | four.three kB     00:00

epel/primary_db                                                                                                                       | 5.9 MB     00:09

rhuiREGIONconsumerconfigserver6                                                                                                    | 2.9 kB     00:00

rhuiREGIONrhelserverreleases                                                                                                      | three.5 kB     00:00

rhuiREGIONrhelserverreleaseselective                                                                                             | three.5 kB     00:00

rhuiREGIONrhelserverrhwidespread                                                                                                     | three.eight kB     00:00

Resolving Dependencies

> Working transaction verify

-> Package deal cowsay.noarch zero:three.03eight.el6 will be put in

> Completed Dependency Decision


Dependencies Resolved



Package deal                              Arch                                 Model                                  Repository                          Measurement


Putting in:

cowsay                               noarch                               three.03eight.el6                               epel                                25 okay


Transaction Abstract


Set up       1 Package deal(s)


Complete obtain dimension: 25 okay

Put in dimension: 31 okay

Is this okay [y/N]: y

Downloading Packages:

cowsaythree.03eight.el6.noarch.rpm                                                                                                          |  25 kB     00:00

Working rpm_check_debug

Working Transaction Check

Transaction Check Succeeded

Working Transaction

  Putting in : cowsaythree.03eight.el6.noarch                                                                                                                  1/1

  Verifying  : cowsaythree.03eight.el6.noarch                                                                                                                  1/1


Put in:

  cowsay.noarch zero:three.03eight.el6




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