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Linux isn’t only for builders. I do know which may come as a shock for you, however the varieties of customers that work with the open supply platform are as diverse because the accessible distributions. Take yours really for instance. Though I as soon as studied programming, I’m not a developer.

The creating I do with Linux is with phrases, sounds, and visuals. I write books, I document audio, and a create digital pictures and video. And despite the fact that I don’t select to work with distributions geared towards these particular duties, they do exist. I additionally take heed to lots of music. I are inclined to take heed to most of my music through vinyl. However typically I need to take heed to music not accessible in my format of selection. That’s after I flip to digital music.

Having a Linux distribution geared particularly towards enjoying music may not be on the radar of the common consumer, however to an audiophile, it might be an actual deal maker.

This deliver us to Audiophile Linux. Audiophile Linux is an Arch Linux-based distribution geared towards, because the identify suggests, audiophiles. What makes Audiophile Linux particular? At the beginning, it’s optimized for top of the range audio replica. To make this attainable, Audiophile Linux options:

System and reminiscence optimized for high quality audio

Customized Actual-Time kernel

Latency below 5ms

Direct Stream Digital assist

Light-weight window supervisor (Fluxbox)

Pre put in audio and video applications

Light-weight OS, freed from pointless daemons and companies

Though Audiophile Linux claims the distribution is definitely put in, it’s very a lot based mostly on Arch Linux, so the set up is nowhere close to as simple as, say, Ubuntu. At this level, you is perhaps pondering, “However there’s already Ubuntu Studio, which is as simple to put in as Ubuntu, and accommodates a number of the identical options!” That could be true, however there are customers on the market (even these of a extra inventive bent) preferring a decidedly un-Ubuntu distribution. On prime of which, Ubuntu Studio could be severe overkill for anybody simply searching for high-quality music replica. For that, there’s Audiophile Linux.
Let’s set up it and see what’s what.

Set up

As I discussed, Audiophile relies on Arch Linux. Not like some distributions based mostly on Arch, nevertheless, Audiophile Linux doesn’t embrace a reasonably, user-friendly GUI installer. As an alternative, what you could do is obtain the ISO picture, burn the ISO to both a USB or CD/DVD, and boot from the system. As soon as booted, you’ll end up at a command immediate. As soon as at that immediate, listed here are the steps to put in.

Create the required partition by issuing the command:

fdisk /dev/sdX

the place X is the drive letter (found with the command fdisk -l).

Kind n to create a brand new partition after which kind p to make the partition a main. When that completes, kind w to jot down the modifications. Format the brand new partition with the command:

mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1

Mount the brand new partition with the command:

mount /dev/sda1 /mnt

End up the partition with the next instructions;

time cp -ax / /mnt

arch-chroot /mnt /bin/bash

cd /and so forth/apl-files

Set up the bottom packages (and create a username/password with the command:


Handle the GRUB boot loader with the next instructions:

grub-install –target=i386-pc /dev/sda

grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Give the basis consumer a password with the next command:

passwd root

Set your timezone like so (substituting your location):

ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Kentucky/Louisville /and so forth/localtime

Set the hardware clock and autologin with the next instructions:

hwclock –systohc –utc


Reboot the system with the command:


It Will get a Bit Dicey Now

There’s an issue to be discovered, which is expounded to the pacman replace course of. For those who instantly go to replace the system with the pacman -Suy command, you’ll discover Xorg damaged and seemingly no approach to restore it. This downside has been round for a while now and has but to be fastened. How do you get round it? First, it is advisable take away the libxfont bundle with the command:

sudo pacman -Rc libxfont

That’s not all. There’s one other bundle that have to be eliminated (Cantata – the Audiophile music participant). Concern the command:

sudo pacman -Rc ffmpeg2.eight

Now, you may replace Audiophile Linux with the command:

sudo pacman -Suy

As soon as up to date, you may end up the set up with the command:

sudo pacman -S terminus-font pacman -S xorg-server pacman -S firefox

You possibly can then reinstall Cantata with the command:

sudo pacman -S cantata

When this completes, reboot and log into your desktop.

The Desktop

As talked about earlier, Audiophile Linux opts for light-weight desktop setting, Fluxbox. Though I perceive why the builders would need to make use of this desktop (as a result of it’s extremely light-weight), many customers may not get pleasure from working with such a minimal desktop. And since most audiophiles are going to be working with hardware that may tolerate a extra feature-rich desktop. If you wish to decide to go that route, you may set up a desktop like GNOME with the command:

sudo pacman -S gnome

Nonetheless, if you wish to be a purist (and get absolutely the most out of this hardware/software program mixture), stick to the default Fluxbox. I like to recommend sticking with Fluxbox particularly because you’ll solely be utilizing Audiophile Linux for one function (listening to music).

Fluxbox makes use of an extremely primary interface. Proper-click wherever on the desktop and a menu will seem (Determine 1).

From that menu, you gained’t discover lots of purposes (Determine 2).

That’s okay, since you solely want one—Cantata (listed within the menu as Play music). Nonetheless, after the set up, Cantata gained’t run. Why? Due to a QT5 downside. To get round this, it is advisable challenge the next instructions:

sudo pacman -S binutils

sudo strip –remove-section=.word.ABI-tag /usr/lib64/

When you’ve taken care of the above, Cantata will run and you can begin enjoying all the music you’ve added to the library (Determine three).

Value The Problem?

I’ve to admit, at first I used to be pretty sure Audiophile Linux wouldn’t be definitely worth the bother of getting it up and operating … for the singular function of listening to music. Nonetheless, as soon as these tunes began spilling from my audio system, I used to be bought.

Though the common listener may not discover the distinction with this distribution, audiophiles will. The readability and playback of digital music on Audiophile Linux far exceeded that on each Elementary OS and Ubuntu Linux. So if that appeals to you, I extremely advocate giving Audiophile Linux a spin.

Be taught extra about Linux by the free “Introduction to Linux” course from The Linux Basis and edX.

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