6 Attention-grabbing Humorous Instructions of Linux (Enjoyable in Terminal)


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In our previous following articles, we’ve proven some helpful articles on some humorous instructions of Linux, which reveals that Linux just isn’t as complicated because it appears and might be enjoyable if we all know find out how to use it. Linux command line can carry out any complicated process very simply and with perfection and might be fascinating and joyful.

Funny Linux CommandsHumorous Linux Instructions

The previous Publish includes 20 humorous Linux Instructions/Script (and subcommands), which our readers extremely admire. The opposite put up, although not that in style as the previous includes Instructions/ Scripts and Tweaks, which helps you to play with textual content recordsdata, phrases, and strings.

This put up goals at bringing some new enjoyable instructions and one-liner scripts which goes to rejoice with you.

1. pv Command

You may need seen simulating textual content in motion pictures. It seems as it’s being typed in real-time. Gained’t or not it’s good, for those who can have such an impact in terminal?

This may be achieved, by putting in the ‘pv‘ command in your Linux system through the use of the ‘apt‘ or ‘yum‘ software. Let’s set up the ‘pv‘ command as proven.

$ sudo apt set up pv [On Debian/Ubuntu & Mint]
$ sudo yum set up pv [On CentOS/RHEL 7]
$ sudo dnf set up pv [On CentOS/RHEL 8 & Fedora]
$ sudo pacman -S pv [On Arch Linux]
$ sudo pkg_add -v pv [On FreeBSD]

As soon as, ‘pv‘ command put in efficiently in your system, let’s attempt to run the next one-liner command to see the real-time textual content impact on the display screen.

$ echo “Tecmint[dot]com is a neighborhood of Linux Nerds and Geeks” | pv -qL 10

install pv commandpv command in motion

Word: The ‘q‘ choice means ‘quiet‘, no output info, and choice ‘L‘ means the Restrict of Switch of bytes per second. The quantity worth might be adjusted in both route (should be an integer) to get the specified simulation of textual content.

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2. bathroom Command

How about printing textual content with border in a terminal, utilizing a one-liner script command ‘bathroom‘. Once more, you should have a ‘bathroom‘ command put in in your system, if not use apt or yum to put in it.

$ sudo apt set up bathroom [On Debian/Ubuntu & Mint]
$ sudo yum set up bathroom [On CentOS/RHEL 7]
$ sudo dnf set up bathroom [On CentOS/RHEL 8 & Fedora]
$ sudo yay -S bathroom [On Arch Linux]
$ sudo pkg_add -v bathroom [On FreeBSD]

As soon as put in, run:

$ whereas true; do echo “$(date | bathroom -f time period -F border –Tecmint)”; sleep 1; accomplished

install toilet in linuxbathroom command in motion

Word: The above script must be suspended utilizing the ctrl+z key.

3. rig Command

This command generates a random identification and deal with, each time. To run, this command you’ll want to set up ‘rig‘ utilizing apt or yum.

$ sudo apt set up rig [On Debian/Ubuntu & Mint]
$ sudo yum set up rig [On CentOS/RHEL 7]
$ sudo dnf set up rig [On CentOS/RHEL 8 & Fedora]
$ sudo yay -S rig [On Arch Linux]
$ sudo pkg_add -v rig [On FreeBSD]

As soon as put in, run:

# rig

install rig in Linuxrig command in motion

4. aview Command

How about viewing a picture in ASCII format on the terminal? We should have a package deal ‘aview‘ put in, simply apt or yum it.

$ sudo apt set up aview [On Debian/Ubuntu & Mint]
$ sudo yum set up aview [On CentOS/RHEL 7]
$ sudo dnf set up aview [On CentOS/RHEL 8 & Fedora]
$ sudo yay -S aview [On Arch Linux]
$ sudo pkg_add -v aview [On FreeBSD]

I’ve obtained a picture named ‘elephant.jpg‘ in my present working listing and I need to view it on the terminal in ASCII format.

$ asciiview elephant.jpg -driver curses

aview command in actionaview command in motion

5. xeyes Command

Within the final article, we launched a command ‘oneko‘ which attaches jerry with a mouse pointer and retains on chasing it. An identical program ‘xeyes‘ is a graphical program and as quickly as you fireplace the command you will note two monster eyes chasing your motion.

$ sudo apt set up x11-apps [On Debian/Ubuntu & Mint]
$ sudo yum set up xeyes [On CentOS/RHEL 7]
$ sudo dnf set up xeyes [On CentOS/RHEL 8 & Fedora]
$ sudo pacman -S xorg-xeyes [On Arch Linux]
$ sudo pkg_add -v xeyes [On FreeBSD]

As soon as put in, run:

$ xeyes

Install xeyes in Linuxxeyes command in motion

6. cowsay Command

Do you bear in mind final time we launched a command, which is beneficial within the output of the specified textual content with an animated character cow? What if you’d like different animals rather than a cow?

$ sudo apt set up cowsay [On Debian/Ubuntu & Mint]
$ sudo yum set up cowsay [On CentOS/RHEL 7]
$ sudo dnf set up cowsay [On CentOS/RHEL 8 & Fedora]
$ sudo pacman -S cowsay [On Arch Linux]
$ sudo pkg_add -v cowsay [On FreeBSD]

Examine an inventory of obtainable animals.

$ cowsay -l

How about Elephant inside ASCII Snake?

$ cowsay -f elephant-in-snake Tecmint is Finest

Install cowsay in Linuxcowsay command in motion

How about Elephant inside ASCII goat?

$ cowsay -f gnu Tecmint is Finest

cowsay goat in actioncowsay goat in motion

That’s all for now. I’ll be right here once more with one other fascinating article. Until then keep up to date and related to Tecmint. Don’t neglect to offer us together with your beneficial suggestions within the feedback beneath.

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